Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

Hunh?! Where have I been? Obviously not keeping up to what is going on in the R&B world as I was quite surprised to find out that this was Robin Thicke’s sixth album. Maybe because he has made a career out of being a kind of everyman of the music world despite being the son of a Hollywood actor he has been able to sort of fade into the background. Yes, he was arrested once for marijuana possession but for the most part he has managed to fly under the radar. With his stint on The X Factor as a judge and the first single off this album, “Blurred Lines”, which has been a massive hit his days of being able to shop at Target without  causing a commotion are over. Somehow with his good looks and good guy persona he has been able (for the most part) to slide by the fact that the song is quite dirty. He has brought along big name friends like Timbaland,, Dr. Luke, T.I., and Pharrell to help him out on the album. The album has more to it than just the cool, suave 70s era funk groove of “Blurred Lines” as there is some pseudo dubstep and even a ballad to round out this perfect summer album. Like the man himself, everything about the album seems effortless.

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