Jimmy Buffett – Songs From St. Somewhere

If Jimmy Buffett becomes anymore laid back we are going to have to check his pulse. He totally personifies that relaxed island life vibe. It is the first album that I’ve ever listened to while thinking that it was the perfect soundtrack to listen to while kicking it back on the deck of a boat on the open sea. A rather small music sub category. The twelve tracks on this his 31st (!) album are pretty much all of the down tempo variety with plenty of ballads. Don’t be looking for another “Margaritaville” as he is no longer the guy who is going to record those up tempo get drunk songs. There are some faster paced songs on the album but they are the exception rather than the rule. He is at his best when he is telling silly little stories through his songs. A perfect example of this is on “Too Drunk to Karaoke”, a duet with country music star Toby Keith. In his late sixties he is demonstrating that he is a confident and mature musician who is very comfortable in his own Hawaiian shirt and flip flops.

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