John Mayer – Paradise Valley

Follow along John Mayer’s career and you will be on a kind of story of his life journey. On album number six, Paradise Valley, we see the confident side of John Mayer once again. He went through a health/career scare over the past couple of years having to undergo throat surgery. I’m sure the thought of not being able to sing like he once had went through his mind at some point during recovery. He can sing and has signaled his return by recording a new album. Once again the team of Mayer and (producer) Don Was worked together. Instead of forging towards a more pop music sound that thrust him into the spotlight when he first burst onto the scene he has stuck to his preferred American roots sound. There is also some country and folk sounds to be heard as well. One thing that has never changed throughout his career is that laid back I know I’m cooler than the average bear vibe going on. But there is less to be annoyed with about his attitude as he lets the music speak for itself. Surprisingly, the duet between Mayer and his girlfriend of the moment Katy Perry called “Who You Love” is quite good in a lovely sort of way. Another poignant moment is his cover of the recently deceased J.J. Cale’s song “Call Me the Breeze” as he never got to hear this version which does the original justice.

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