Nickelodeon Double Pack: Dora the Explorer – Musical School Day + Blue’s Clues – Blue’s Big Musical Movie

For any young person who likes Dora the Explorer and Blue’s Clues this DVD collection doubles their fun. Parents should be happy to buy this for their kids as well because both shows are packed with plenty of important lessons. On top of all that the two parts of this DVD are filled with music.  While the young ones are watching this double feature it will give adults twice the time to do as they please. A win-win situation.

Dora the Explorer: Musical School Days:

Episode 1: Music Teacher: Boot’s music teacher needs to get to school quickly but her bicycle is broken.

Episode 2: Boots to the Rescue: Dora has left her music homework in Boot’s room. So she can sing her English and Spanish songs she needs Boot’s to go home and fetch the songs.

Episode 3: Happy Old Troll: Dora and Boots try their best to find something that will make the grumpy Old Troll happy.

Episode 4: A Letter for Swiper: While the Special Delivery Bird is getting her glasses fixed Dora and Boots deliver the letters for her.

Blue’s Clues: Blue’s Big Musical Movie:

Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper announce that they are preparing for a big musical show. That is until they hear someone snoring. Steve is still asleep so Blue brings you and Tickety Tock to wake him up.

Everyone is excited about the music show and sets about preparing their numbers. Blue and Tickety Tock are going to perform a duet but things go awry when Tickety Tock comes down with laryngitis. Now Blue needs a new partner. A game of Blue’s Clues reveals his new partner, who is not exactly excited about it. Steve takes this opportunity to learn how to make music. The rest of the gang builds the stage, makes costumes and snacks.

The feature length film teaches kids about perseverance and allows them to sing along to the fun songs in the film.

Special Features: “Backstage at Blue’s Clues”, Music Videos: “I Can Be Anything I Want to Be”, “There It Is”, “Who Am I?” Guessing Game

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