Ellie Goulding – Halcyon Days

Halcyon was an Ellie Goulding album that was released in the fall of 2012 now almost one year later she has rereleased the album with some newly recorded songs added on to make it a 2 CD affair. Of the twenty-eight tracks in this collection nine are brand spanking new. You’ve probably already heard the new single “Burn” as it is all over the radio presently and has been number one for three weeks in the UK. The new songs are very different in tone from the songs from Halcyon.  Halcyon had a rather dark feeling to it as it was acknowledged by the artist herself as a break-up record. The new songs are for the most part lighter club tunes. They are like the white to Halcyon’s black. “Goodness Gracious” featuring Nate Reuss of fun., “Stay Awake” featuring Madeon and “Flashlight” featuring DJ Fresh are fun and dancey numbers that should solidify her with the dance music crowd. Her singular and soulful soprano really add to the songs. Showing some range there are also a couple of slower songs like “You My Everything” (which was played on the UK television series Skins), “How Long Will I Love You” (which is on the soundtrack of the latest Rachel McAdams film) and “Hearts Without Chains” all give that unique sounding voice outlets to convey the emotion she is capable of. To top it off there are two covers to enjoy. Alt-J’s “Tesselate” has been reinterpreted into a sexy little jazz ditty complete with sax. Midnight Star’s R&B tune “Midas Touch” is less throw away as she has injected some depth into it.

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