Nickelodeon:: Let’s Learn Colors

If you have a youngster in your life you probably already know how much they love Nick Jr. shows. The Wonder Pets!, Blue’s Clues, Dora the Explorer, Team Umizoomi!, and Bubble Guppies are all popular amongst the under seven crowd. This DVD not only has an episode from each of those favourites that will keep the young ones riveted, they will also learn something at the same time.

Each of the episodes has aired on television before though despite the title of the DVD, which leads you to believe that colour is the prevalent theme, only a few are concerned with colours. Those try to help kids learn their colours in a fun way.  The others, while still educational, have tenuous links to colour.  For instance, I would argue that Kite Festival has more to do with shapes and math than it does colours.

Episode 1: Bubble Guppies – The Crayon Prix: The Bubble Guppies learn about colours while car racing. You are asked to help them mix colours in order to help them finish the race quickly.

Episode 2: Dora the Explorer – Quack! Quack!:  Dora and Boots are colouring in a book and it magically comes to life. Eggs begin to hatch and baby ducks are born. Suddenly one of the eggs blows away. Dora saves a baby duck using colours.

Episode 3: Team Umizoomi! – Kite Festival: Jeannie is anxious to fly her kite in the Umi City Festival. A gust of wind blows her kite out of her hands and pieces of it go everywhere through Umi City. Team Umizoomi joins up with Jeannie to locate the pieces.

Episode 4: Blue’s Clues – Colors Everywhere:  It is time to paint a portrait of your friends. Play Blue’s Clues to find out who Blue wants to add to the portrait. Joe and Blue mix up colours like violet and charteuse.

Episode 5: Wonder Pets! – Save the Moose in the Caboose: Ming Ming draws a story about a moose stuck in a caboose that is about to go over a cliff.

Episode 6: Wonder Pets! – Save the Flamingo!: The Wonder Pets! get a call for help from a baby pink flamingo that is stuck in a marsh in a colouring book. The Wonder Pets! have to use their crayons to draw something that will get the flamingo out of there.

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