If you are looking for a slight more sarcastic verging on mean brand of situational comedy show then full stop this is your target right here. The League is basically about a group of friends who compete in a no holds barred fantasy football league each year. To say they are passionate and ruthless about the competition is an understatement as anything goes. You don’t even have to have a fantasy league or even like football to enjoy the series. Its humour is fairly universal.

Episode 1: Training Camp: The gang is stoked when Jerry Jones invites them to the Dallas Cowboys’ training camp.

Episode 2: The Hoodie: Pete (played by Mark Duplass) begins to wonder if the waiver wire they use in fantasy football can apply to all of life. Jenny (played by Katie Asleton) and Kevin (played by Stephen Rannazzisi) make a bet about their son’s circumcision.

Episode 3: The Freeze Out:

Episode 4: The Beastalyzer: Jenny is not happy with arrival of Kevin’s mother. Taco (played by Jonathan Lajoie) is not happy when he realizes he is in a relationship.

Episode 5: Judge MacArthur: The gang begins a process of deciding who is the smartest member.

Episode 6: The Tailgate: With his plans for a tailgating experience for the gang, Andre (played by Paul Scheer) rents an RV.

Episode 7: The Vapora Sport: Pete competes with a man in a wheelchair for a pair of shoes. Jenny and Kevin are beginning regret getting a piano for Ellie (played by Alina Foley).

Episode 8: The Anchor Baby: Ruxin (played by Nick Kroll) is beginning to worry that Sofia (played by Nadine Velazquez) is no longer interested in him.

Episode 9: Bro-lo El Cordero: For the benefit of his own team Andre uses Kevin.

Episode 10: Our Dinner with Andre: Ellie’s boyfriend blackmails Kevin.

Episode 11:  12.12.12: Andre begins dating his interior decorator. Rafi (played by Jason Mantzoukas) and Dirty Randy (played by Seth Rogan) believe that the world is coming to an end.

Episode12: A Krampus Carol: For Shiva (played by Janina Gavankar), Jenny and Pete attempt to make a sacrifice.

Episode 13: The Curse of Shiva: A New Year’s Eve party is in the works by Taco Corporation.

Special Features: Extended Episodes, Deleted Scenes, Taco Tones, Rafi’s Helpful Holiday Hints, Witchy Woman Podcast, Alt Nation, Gag Reel