Janelle Monae – The Electric Lady

If she wasn’t so talented we might find Janelle Monae to be too pretentious.  How else would you describe an artist who references Fritz Lang films and sci-fi author Philip Dick?  Then she educates you on the evolution of gospel, hip hop, funk, rock and jazz. Ambitious and she pulls it off due to her super human size talent. The woman is a force of nature as well as illustrated by her decidedly feminist lyrics which speak of her being in total control of her body and her mind. Songs on the album sound like products of intense and wild jam sessions. All is thrown into these dance tracks. Hard to classify her sound as it is so varied. Not a lady you can pigeonhole, Janelle Monae is a musical explorer in that she has the incredible ability to meld sounds from the past and present to make something that sounds very futuristic. There has totally been some growth from her wonderful debut album, Archandroid Suites. An album for anyone who loves music. Did I mention that on the track “Give Em What They Love” that Prince shows up to contribute a scorching guitar solo and Erykah Badu lends her vocals to “Q.U.E.E.N.”? Double dose of heaven!

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