Arrow: The Complete First Season – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

arrow the complete first season blu rayOliver Queen (played by Stephen Amell) is a billionaire who likes the women, a lot of different women. Fate takes a nasty twist when the man with everything is shipwrecked on an island in the South China Sea for five years. Finally he is rescued and brought back to his hometown of Starling City. Before he was shipwrecked his father gave him a list right before he himself committed suicide. This list is filled with the names of people who are evil and have to be dealt with in order to make the world a safer place. Oliver Queen has a secret. A big one.  He is the Green Arrow and is going to go through the list to take on criminal and druggies in order to rid Starling City of these dangerous elements.

Episode 1: Pilot: Oliver Queen takes his father’s yacht out for some rest and relaxation. A huge storm destroys the boat and Oliver is the only survivor.

Episode 2: Honor Thy Father: Assassin China White (played by Kelly Hu) is hired by corrupt businessman Martin Somers (played by Ty Olsson) to kill Laurel (played by Katie Cassidy). It is up to Arrow to protect Laurel.

Episode 3: Lone Gunmen: Oliver learns that he is not the only person trying to stay off the police’s watchlist. An assassin called Deadshot (played by Michael Rowe) has been hired to kill businessmen who are putting bids in on an energy project.

Episode 4: An Innocent Man: The situation between Oliver and Laurel gets complicated. Walter (played by Colin Salmon) has an employee look into a withdrawal that Moira (played by Susanna Thomson) made from the company.

Episode 5: Damaged: Oliver is arrested and charged with murder and he demands that Laurel defend him. Oliver offers to take a polygraph but Laurel asks him a question which makes him think twice about it.

Episode 6: Legacies: Diggle (played by David Ramsey) tries to talk Oliver into going after more bad guys than the ones on his father’s list. Moira wants to know why Oliver keeps disappearing.

Episode 7: Muse of Fire: Oliver makes acquaintance with a woman who seeks her own form of revenge. Tommy (played by Colin Donnell) seeks Laurel’s help.

Episode 8: Vendetta: Oliver begins to train Helena (played by Jessica De Gouw) how to be a vigilante. Helena puts herself and Oliver in danger when she offs the head of the Triad.

Episode 9: Year’s End: Oliver decides to throw a Queen Christmas party after discovering that Moira and Thea (played by Willa Holland) stopped celebrating Christmas while he was gone. Tommy and Laurel disagree over how they should spend Christmas.

Episode 10: Burned: Oliver’s confidence is at a low due to his defeat at the hands of the Dark Archer. He needs his wits about him when he faces off against a disturbed firefighter.

Episode 11: Trust But Verify: Tommy and Laurel have dinner with Tommy’s father. Oliver and Diggle disagree about a name on the list.

Episode 12: Vertigo: Oliver pursues a drug dealer who is distributing a new and deadly drug. Thea is arrested for using the drug.

Episode 13: Betrayal: Cyrus Vanch (played by David Anders) is back and wants to be the city’s top crime lord again. By accident Quentin (played by Paul Blackthorne) puts Laurel in danger.

Episode 14: The Odyssey: Felicity (played by Emily Brett Rickards) brings an injured Oliver to the warehouse. In a daze Oliver remembers his time on the island.

Episode 15: Dodger: Listening to Felicity Oliver asks McKenna (played by Janina Gavankar) out. Thea makes friends with a pickpocket named Roy Harper (played by Colton Haynes).

Episode 16: Dead to Rights: Deadshot and China White work together to kill Malcolm (played by John Barrowman). Oliver hunts down the two assassins.

Episode 17: The Huntress Returns: Thea gets a job for Roy at the new night club that’s opening. Oliver’s downtime ends when the Huntress returns.

Episode 18: Salvation: Quentin begins to accept that Dinah is telling the truth. But Laurel isn’t as convinced.

Episode 19: Unfinished Business: A woman at Oliver’s club dies after using Vertigo. He believes that the Count (played by Seth Gabel) is not responsible but still wants to find out who he is.

Episode 20: Home Invasion: Oliver and company go after Deadshot. ARGUS wants Deadshot in order to train him as an operative.

Episode 21: The Undertaking: Now that Diggle is out of the picture Oliver turns to Felicity for help. Tommy reveals to Laurel what he is up to.

Episode 22: Darkness on the Edge of Town: After learning the truth from Tommy Laurel makes a decision. Roy and Thea attempt to locate The Hood.

Episode 23: Sacrifice: Oliver regains consciousness only discover he is Malcolm’s prisoner. Tommy realizes his father is unhinged.

Special Features: Ultraviolet Copy, Arrow Comes Alive!, Arrow: Fight School/Stunt School, 2013 Paley Festival Q&A, Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel

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