This Is the End – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

If it has been a long time since you laughed out loud at the movies then this film should break that grumpy streak.  This Is the End is so ridiculous that you cannot help but laugh.  There are so many outrageous scenes that even if you don’t find it funny in the beginning it will eventually wear you down.  There are points where they go beyond ridiculous, but then they dial it down enough that it keeps you on board.

Jay Baruchel decides to travel to Los Angeles despite the fact that he hates it there in order to spend time with his friend Seth Rogan.  After watching a lot of movies and smoking a lot of weed, Seth tells Jay that he has been invited to a house warming party at James Franco’s house and he wants Jay to come with him.  Jay is not too keen because he does not like Franco et al., but agrees to come along after Seth promises not to ditch him once they are there.

Of course, once they are there Jay is not thrilled with the behaviour of anyone at the party so he is grumpy with Seth.  The two step out to buy some cigarettes when something very odd and frightening happens at the convenience store.  The two run back to the house through the chaos that is happening throughout Los Angeles.

Once back at James Franco’s house they all come outside where they can see that much of L.A. is on fire and then the ground beneath their feet starts to cave in.  Many Hollywood actors are killed.  Jay, Seth, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, and Danny McBride manage to survive.  Now with very little food and water they have to board up the house and try to survive.

I love the fact that the actors in the film are playing themselves.  Even with the small cameos by Emma Watson, Paul Rudd, Rihanna, Michael Cera, and Mindy Kaling they are playing themselves.  It makes the humour even funnier.  Especially Michael Cera, who is playing himself totally opposite what he is reputed to be like.  The fact that this rather sensitive, quiet and cerebral guy is playing himself as a sex obsessed cokehead who is basically an idiot is hilarious.  Yes, you have to follow these people and the nonsense of Hollywood a little to make some of the moments funnier, but you can still enjoy it even if you don’t know who any of these comic actors are.  According to Seth Rogan about half of this film was ad libbed and I believe it.  At many points during this over-the-top film it feels like you are watching actual conversations between all these famous folks.

Famous folks and their egos.  They are not usually good at making fun of themselves.  The opposite is true in this film.  Screenwriters/directors Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg (Superbad and The Green Hornet) totally take the piss out of Hollywood types.  The great thing is that all their actors show a lack of ego and go along with pretty much all they are asked to.  To even things out they also make fun of the apocalypse, hipsters, bromance films, and horror films.

You have to have a somewhat high tolerance for sex and weed jokes to enjoy what goes on here.  It is not highbrow stuff that is for sure.  It is damn funny though.

Special Features:

-Directing Your Friends


-Let’s Get Technical

-Party Time

-The Cannibal King

-The Making of “The Making of Pineapple Express 2”

-Jay & Seth vs. the Apocalypse – The Original Short


-This is the Gag Reel

-Deleted Scenes

-This is the Marketing

-Ultraviolet Digital Copy

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