Cher – Closer to the Truth

Fans have had to wait ten years for this. When an artist gets to be a certain age it is quite cruel to wait that long between albums as fans tend to give up hope. Cher fooled us all by releasing another album of new material though we should have expected it based on the fact that her so-called Farewell Tour lasted for years and years. Cher is set to tour again in support of Closer to the Truth. The first single is “Woman’s World” and is worthy of the diva. By worthy I mean full of drama in that it has that highly remixed sound about it. Despite the fact that the tracks on the album are not that strong but because they are by Cher many will lap it up. There is a nice mix of the tempo of songs on the album.  Some of the twelve songs are aimed for the dance crowd with tons of energy while others are down tempo ballads. The ballads are the stronger songs on the album. While the dance ones sound a little like she is trying too hard trying to remain relevant by having a electronic dance music sound with some 70s disco.

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