Criminals like serial killers need a specialized kind of team to bring locate them and stop what they are doing. The FBI has just such a unit and they are called the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit). Each member of the team is brilliant in their own way and brings something special and unique to the team. Led by Special Agent Aaron Hotchner (played by Thomas Gibson) besides brains the team has braun with Derek Morgan (played by Shemar Moore), a photographic memory in Dr. Spencer Reid (played by Matthew Gray Gubler), a founding member of the division in David Rossi (played by Joe Mantegna), a computers expert in Penelope Garcia (played by Kirsten Vangsness), the female perspective with Jennifer Jareau (played by A.J. Cook), and with the latest addition to the team, a linguistics expert in Dr. Alex Blake (played by Jeanne Tripplehorn).

Episode 1: The Silencer: The BAU welcomes their newest member, linguistics expert Dr. Alex Blake. Her first case with the team involves an escaped prisoner who sews his victims’ mouths shut.

Episode 2: The Pact: Two victims in two different cities within hours of each other are dragged to death. The team believes the deaths are products of a partnership who are trying to punish their victims.

Episode 3: Through the Looking Glass: The latest unsub has kidnapped an entire family. He is conducting his own type of psychological game upon them.

Episode 4: God Complex: An amateur surgeon seems to be conducting unneeded amputations on people and then attempting to reattach their limbs on other people. Reid turns to a mystery woman in order to gain a new perspective on the crime.

Episode 5: The Good Earth: Four men with no apparent connection other than their interest in fitness have disappeared. The team is on the trail of a woman who has them held prisoner for a yet unknown reason.

Episode 6: The Apprenticeship: A young man moves from torturing dogs to killing prostitutes. The BAU believe that they are looking for an experienced killer who has taken the youngster under his wings to show him the ropes.

Episode 7: The Fallen: The team is after a serial killer who is burning his victims, who are all homeless. Rossi has run into a man (played by Meshach Taylor) who was the sergeant of his in Vietnam and now lives on the streets.

Episode 8: The Wheels on the Bus…: An entire busload of high school teens has gone missing. Soon enough the BAU realizes that they students are being used as human players in the recreation of a popular video game.

Episode 9: Magnificent Light: The team has to figure out the link between a motivational speaker (played by Patrick Fabian) and two murder victims who both went to see him speak. The speaker has gone into hiding and is the number one suspect.

Episode 10: The Lesson: Bodies are discovered that have obviously been tortured and then stuffed into wooden crates. The team is soon after a disturbed individual (played by Brad Dourif) who seems to be making human marionettes.

Episode 11: Perennials: An unsub is moving quickly from state to state killing people. They are imitating the style of a long-dead serial killer.

Episode 12: Zugzwang: Reid finds out that his mystery woman (played by Beth Riesgraf) is missing. Knowing that she is in deep danger, Reid asks the team to help him find her.

Episode 13: Magnum Opus: The BAU is after an unsub who after he kills completely drains the bodies of all blood. They have to figure out why and what he does with the blood.

Episode 14: All That Remains: A college professor (played by Ken Olin) whose wife disappeared exactly a year ago now calls the police to say that his two young daughters have disappeared as well. The circumstances of the disappearances are very similar causing the team to see him as their number one suspect.

Episode 15: Broken: An unsub treats his male and female victims very differently. This causes the BAU to believe they are dealing with someone struggling with their sexuality.

Episode 16: Carbon Copy: The BAU is being targeted by a criminal they have dubbed The Replicator. This is a killer who teases the team by recreating the murder methods of their solved cases.

Episode 17: The Gathering: Strauss (played by Jayne Atkinson) has ordered the team off The Replicator case. Now they turn their attention to a case involving an unsub who kills women then tears out their tongues.

Episode 18: Restoration: The BAU is in Chicago investigating a series of murders. Due to the case Morgan is forced to face his demons.

Episode 19: Pay it Forward: A 25-year-old time capsule is opened and inside a severed head is discovered. A little later another decapitated body turns up.

Episode 20: Alchemy: Ritualistic markings are found carved into two male dismembered bodies. A third man goes missing leading to the BAU taking the case.

Episode 21: Nanny Dearest: A serial killer has on the same date each year for six years abducted a nanny and the child they are charged with watching. The BAU wants to catch the killer before they grab two other victims.

Episode 22: #6: A killer seems to have set their sights on couples, abducting them and forcing them to kill each other by stabbing. Blake is contemplating her future with the BAU after he husband (played by D.W. Moffett) returns.

Episode 23: Brothers Hotchner/The Replicator: The estranged brother (played by Eric Johnson) of Hotchner contacts him when there is a death at the nightclub he is working at in New York City. A series of deaths ensue where the victims bleed out through all orifices and so the BAU is called in. After that case is wrapped up the BAU realizes that The Replicator is back and is possibly a member of the FBI.

Special Features: The Profiler’s Handbook: “Cooperative Vigilantism” + “God Complex”, The Profiler’s Handbook: “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”, New Directions, Deleted Scenes, The Profiler’s Handbook: “Peter Pan Syndrome”, The Profiler’s Handbook: “Dissociative Identity Disorder”, The Profiler’s Handbook: “Obsessive Imitation”, The Killing Season, Alex and Jeanne, Gag Reel