Terry Gillespie – Bluesoul

All blues all the time. That is Canada’s Terry Gillespie. Like Mark Knopfler this guy is the real deal when it comes to blues. Old school is the way he goes. The authenticity comes through with every note played or sung. Solid players and vocalists back him up on the album like The Toasted Westerns (Jody Benjamin, Ann Downey and Sally Robinson) on vocals, Lyndell Montgomery on bass/violin, Wayne Stoute on drums/percussion and Peter Measroch on guitar/keyboards. Of the thirteen tracks on the album nine are originals. He takes you on a musical tour of the blues beginning with the leadoff track “The Devil Likes to Win” introducing the listener to traditional blues, continuing with a tribute to Bo Diddley on“What Would Bo Diddley Do” and then moving on to an organ orgy in “You’re Gonna Make Me Cry”.  As his guitar grooves his perfect for the genre voice follows.

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