Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience Part 2

When those big summer action blockbusters come out rarely do you find one that goes outside of the box. Rare are the Matrix or Christopher Nolan Batman films. Now, I am not comparing what Justin Timberlake has done to the artistry and daring of these films but I am saying as a big artist with a lot on the line he did not deliver what was expected. Timberlake does take some risks. He remains in the dance music genre with some interesting twists and turns. It can even happen within the same song. Don’t expect them all to be like lead single “Take Back the Night” as in actuality this is one of the least interesting tracks on the album. On a track like “Only When I Walk Away” you get some filthy acid-funk and then it makes a right turn into some wild dub reggae. The guy knows he has talent and can stretch this far without sounding ridiculous. His chutzpah is part of his charm. Sometimes even he goes too far like the with very lengthy track “True Blood”. At the 6:30 mark of the song it changes tempo from something sexy to overkill. One of the few missteps. Timberlake also knows he has friends like Timberland, Jay Z and Drake, all heavy hitters and respected artists in their own right, to lean on. Part One (which is already a huge hit) and Part Two were recorded at the same time but are very different in style and tone.

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