Miley Cyrus – Bangerz

With all the VMA “Blurred Lines”, lighting up a joint onstage while accepting an award, and twerking controversies it is easy to forget the music. Now, Miley Cyrus’s music has never been mind blowing. Someone else writes the songs she and her husky voice sing them. At the end of the day, Miley does have a decent voice. Something is working for her, whether it is all the attention due to her behaviour or the actual music, as the first single off the album, “We Can’t Stop” went to number one making it her highest charting song yet and the second single, “Wrecking Ball”, seems destined for the top of the charts as well. Whatever she is doing people are tuning in. As much as the critic in me would like to crap all over the album I can’t. There is something strangely appealing about it. Yes, the rap is ridiculous and some of the songs are totally over-the-top and yet I find myself singing along with them. Inexplicable. While there are plenty of weak moments overall on the album what I think is smart is that despite all the obvious help she has gotten on the album in regards to production values and producing (, Pharrell Williams) they have still kept her and her voice up front and center. Smart.

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