South Park: The Complete Sixteenth Season – Blu-ray Edition

Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, Stan, and Butters have become part of the animated television lexicon. For any show to last sixteen years is amazing but for it to be an animated show is even more impressive. Maybe it is because they will take on any target big or small. The amount of stuff they get away with is impressive. As you watch you get the feeling of doing something bad or wrong but in a good way. It is titillating. Good fun, clever bits and lots of laughs.

Episode 1: Reverse Cowgirl: Clyde has a tendency to leave the toilet seat up no matter how much his mother yells at him or publically embarrasses him about it. Unfortunately, he does it one time too many and his mother ends up paying the price.

Episode 2: Cash For Gold: Grandpa Marsh gives Stan an expensive bolo as a gift. When Stan tries to sell it at a pawn shop he finds out it is a rather worthless piece of junk that his Grandpa bought off the Gems Shopping Network.

Episode 3: Faith Hilling: The boys will not let go of Faith Hilling whereas the rest of the world seems to have moved on to newer and cooler things like Taylor Swifting and Long Johnsoning. Even cats seem to have gotten in on the memesing act as well.

Episode 4: Jewpacabra: Sooper Foods’ is hosting their annual Easter Egg Hunt though it is jeopardized when Cartman spreads the legend of Jewpacabra, a creature that preys on children during Passover. Not willing to give up their Hunt the executives of Sooper Foods kidnap Cartman and leave him out as a sacrifice for Jewpacabra.

Episode 5: Butterballs: Butters is having trouble with a bully. Stan, to help his friend, directs an awareness-raising film about bullying starring Butters and it gets national attention.

Episode 6: I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining: On the last day of Spring Break the gang decides to go ziplining. Very soon into it they realize it is more of an ordeal than fun.

Episode 7: Cartman Finds Love: There is a new girl in school and Cartman plays cupid between her and Token. The fact that they are not attracted to one another does not deter Cartman in the least.

Episode 8: Sarcastaball: Randy proposes an outrageous alternative to football to the PTA of the South Park Elementary School and somehow they accept it plus name him the team’s coach. Sarcastaball sweeps the nation and the unathletic Butters becomes a star.

Episode 9: Raising the Bar: Cartman, instead of trying to lose weight, buys a mobility scooter and begins to fight for improved disability services. Soon he is part of a documentary and becomes known as Fatty Doo Doo.

Episode 10: Insecurity: Ike walks in on his parents’ sexual role playing and is traumatized so he draws a picture of it.  As a result all the men in town believe that the UPS man is sleeping with their wives and plot to do something about it.

Episode 11: Going Native: Butters is going through the “Age of Panna”, which is the Hawaiian male coming-of-age. Unable to deal with his anger any more his parents send him to Hawaii to go through the healing ritual.

Episode 12: A Nightmare on Face Time: Halloween is coming up and Randy decides to buy a Blockbuster video store. Because his father forces the entire family to work at the store Stan is not able to join his friends for trick-or-treating.

Episode 13: A Scause For Applause: HGH is detected on the Shroud of Turin and everyone turns away from Jesus removing their WWJD bracelets. That is, everyone except for Stan, who refuses to take his off.

Episode 14: Obama Wins!: It turns out that Cartman is working for the Chinese, in particular General Tso, to guarantee President Obama is re-elected. The Chinese have a deal lined up with Obama that if they get him re-elected he would secure for them the rights to Star Wars.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes

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