The Paradise: Season One

Shopping circa 1870s in England. If this interests you then read on. In the north of England in the 1870s the first retail department store opened up. It is a rather elegant store and with its opening the independently owned store is forced to close. Within the store there are a bunch of workers whose lives begin to get very intertwined in an entertaining for watchers kind of way. This is nothing more than a period piece/soap opera set in a department store. It is nice and fun if you like lightweight romances.

Episode 1: Denise (played by Joanna Vanderham), a young girl from the country, arrives in Newcastle and plans on working at her uncle’s (played by Peter Wight) store.  When it closes due to the opening of Paradise, Denise is one of many that falls sway to the glamour of the new department store.

Episode 2: Sam (played by Stephen Wight), who comes to the aid of a customer, soon finds his job at risk as a result. The announcement of a potential promotion has everyone excited.

Episode 3: Katherine (played by Elaine Cassidy) in order to find out if a gentleman truly likes her decides to go after another man. Miss Aubrey (played by Sarah Lancashire) forbids Denise from suggesting any new ideas.

Episode 4: Denise and Clara (played by Sonya Cassidy) butt heads after Miss Aubrey becomes ill. Katherine likes Peter’s (played by Mark Bonnar) affect on her life but is not sure she can fully forget Moray (played by Emun Elliott).

Episode 5: Moray’s neighbour enables him to get a job at Paradise. Katherine does everything she can to get Moray’s attention.

Episode 6: Denise cannot keep her secret any longer but it might mean the end of her job. Jonas (played by David Hayman) resorts to blackmail.

Episode 7: Denise’s latest idea wins her the attention of Moray. Moray begins to find his wife-to-be, Katherine, very annoying.

Episode 8: When Bradley’s body is found in the river it is assumed he fell in when he was drunk. With her uncle’s blessing Denise returns to work at Paradise.

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