Lost Girl: Season 3 – Blu-ray Edition

For most television series season three is the one where things are fleshed out and it really reveals what it is all about. In the case of Lost Girl, a series that had been enjoyable up until now, I hope they buck that trend as season three was a bit of a mess. A main character who had been good up to this point does a 180 and is now downright evil. The whole thing is so implausible that I could just not get into it. Hopefully season four will right the ship.

Episode 1: Caged Fae: The last Ash has died and the acting Ash asks Bo (played by Anna Silk) to prove her worthiness in order to succeed. Bo goes undercover in a prison breaking Fae and human laws.

Episode 2: Subterrfaenean: Bo begins having nightmares of her attacking people. Dyson (played by Kris Holden-Reid) gets a new partner.

Episode 3: Confaegion: Dyson, Bo and Tamsin (played by Rachel Skarsten) all regress to their teenage Fae selves. Kenzi (played by Ksenia Solo) and Lauren (played by Zoie Palmer) work together to try and save their Fae friends.

Episode 4: Fae-de to Black: Bo faces the consequences of denying her hunger. Kenzi tries to fit in with her new friends and makes herself vulnerable to a threat as a result.

Episode 5: Faes Wide Shut: Kenzi begins suffocating Bo. Bo is forced to reveal something about her best friend.

Episode 6: The Kenzi Scale: Her friends have to step in when Bo goes completely off the rails. While saving someone she loves Bo finds out the truth.

Episode 7: There’s Bo Place Like Home: Tricks (played by Richard Howland) calls in an expert to help Bo with her Dawning. Lauren convinces Bo to go home and confront her mother.

Episode 8: Fae-ge Against the Machine: Tasmin takes Bo out to lunch and it turns into something completely different.Trick has to take part in a scavenger hunt in order to save Bo’s life.

Episode 9: Ceremony: The Dawning is upon Bo and she has to get through some physical and mental challenges into order to not become an Underfae. Tasmin sees something that she fears.

Episode 10: Delinquents: Bo, Dyson and Kenzi go undercover in order to capture a serial killer Fae who preys on at risk young people. Someone comes to visit Tamsin.

Episode 11: Adventures in Fae-bysitting: Lauren makes a difficult choice which could also be dangerous. Bo and Kenzi help a babysitter who believes her boss has been killed.

Episode 12: Hail Hale: Kenzi and Hale are caught in the middle of a Light and Dark Fae battle. One of the group’s life is in danger.

Special Features: Staff and Cast Interviews, San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Panel, Behind the Scenes Image Gallery

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