Lorde – Pure Heroine

The 16-year-old phenomenon from New Zealand has kind of taken the world by storm on the back of on smash hit single. “Royals” has been all over the radio in every country in the world over the past coupld of months. You could not get away from it if you tried. Is she super talented or just precocious? Is it a solid album or has she just captured lightning in a bottle with this one hit? I assigned myself the task of getting to the bottom of it. What I quickly realized is that she is a wonderful bundle of contradicitons. An artist that will keep your attention. Lyrically if she did this all alone the girl is rather advanced and yet at the same time preoccupied by the same things most girls her age are. At times I swung wildly betwix thinking she was rather arrogant to she was just cute and funny. And then really it struck me that is exactly what she is all about. Contradictions. Doing what is not expected. Sounding like Florence Welch one moment that just like a teenager the next. Unpredictable and yet what you would want/expect of someone her age. One moment she is making an astute observation of life and the next she is singing about her crew. Very now and very timeless music. Grace and poise then uncertain and bratty. Loves hip hop unabashedly one moment then disses how it is misogynistic and superficial the next. Black and white just like her album cover.

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