Treme: The Complete Third Season – Blu-ray Edition

During the hurricane season in 2005 a biggie formed in the Bahamas.  The hurricane was named Katrina and it caused much death and destruction along the Gulf coast.  The hardest hit was New Orleans, Louisiana. Much of the destruction occurred because the levees were hit and did not hold. The flooding lasted for a couple of weeks and by October hundreds were dead.

The people of New Orleans have been trying to rebuild their lives since. This television series, by the people behind The Wire, follows the inhabitants of the city as they try to move on. The U.S. government seems to not care about them so they are basically on their own. People are sleeping on the streets, crime is rampant and aid money doesn’t seem to be getting to the people who need it. Recovery is being slowed down by corruption and indifference.

Episode 1: Knock With Me – Rock With Me: LaDonna (played by Khandi Alexander) is not happy with her new living quarters. Toni (played by Melissa Leo) finds an unexpected ally in her crusade.

Episode 2: Saints: Antoine (played by Wendell Pierce) organizes a trip for his students. Annie (played by Lucia Micarelli) records a demo and it attracts some attention.

Episode 3: Me Donkey Want Water: L.P. (played by Chris Coy) begins investigating a burnt out car that was found and believed to have been used in a crime. The owner was late paying back some money and revenge was taken.

Episode 4: The Greatest Love: Davis (played by Steve Zahn) is organizing the performance of an opera. When he doesn’t manage to get the commitment of a local music legend he turns to Delmond (played by Rob Brown) for help.

Episode 5: I Though I Heard Buddy Bolden Say: Annie’s parents arrive for a Christmas visit at the same time as the news of her record deal gets out. Albert’s (played by Clarke Peters) health issue is revealed to his family.

Episode 6: Careless Love: Davis pitches the idea for his opera to Fats Domino (himself). Toni and L.P. make breakthroughs in their cases.

Episode 7: Promised Land: The city is getting ready for Mardi Gras 2008. Sonny (played by Michiel Huisman) struggles to stay sober.

Episode 8: Don’t You Leave Me Here: LaDonna is quite nervous about the anonymous death threats she has been receiving. Albert is about to begin chemotherapy.

Episode 9: Poor Man’s Paradise: Janette’s (played by Kim Dickens) restaurant is a success. LaDonna uncovers what’s been behind the threats she has been getting.

Episode 10: Tipitina: Davis manages to get out of the music business. Annie’s album is released.

Special Features: Down in the Treme: A Look at the Music and Culture of New Orleans (BD Exclusive), The Music of Treme, The Treme: Chef Dinner, Behind Treme: Neville Brothers, Invitation to the Set, Behind Treme: David Simon

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