Vegas: The DVD Edition

As a rancher and former MP during the war Ralph Lamb (played by Dennis Quaid) was known as a man who did things his own way. When a set of circumstances occurs that sees him named as the new sheriff of the booming metropolis of Las Vegas there is really no change in his behavior or reputation. Wisely he names his steady younger brother Jack (played by Jason O’Mara) and son Dixon (played by Taylor Handley) as his deputies and they all try to clean up the crime and corruption that is happening when the Chicago mob arrives and attempts to take over the casino scene. It’s going to take some old fashioned frontier justice to get some order and Ralph Lamb is just the man to dole it out.

Episode 1: Pilot: Rancher Ralph Lamb is asked to be the acting sheriff of Las Vegas. Soon after he names his brother Jack and son Dixon as his deputies and they target Chicago mobster Vincent Savino (played by Michael Chiklis) as their main target.

Episode 2: Money Plays: Sheriff Lamb tries to figure out who killed a craps dealer that everyone seemed to like. Savino waits for his new count-room manager from Chicago, who turns out to be Mia Rizzo (played by Sarah Jones).

Episode 3: All That Glitters: Key members of the Chicago mob arrive in Las Vegas to check out how things are going at the Savoy. Sheriff Lamb arrests Mia’s father, Johnny Rizzo (played by Michael Wiseman).

Episode 4: (Il) Legitimate: Savino looks into buying the casino across the street, The Tumbleweed. This move puts him at odds with the Milwaukee mob and a conflict arises.

Episode 5: Solid Citizens: The young son of the new Nevada Game Commission board member is kidnapped. Savino is preoccupied by the arrival of his wife Laura (played by Vinessa Shaw) from Chicago.

Episode 6: The Real Thing: A gambling chip counterfeit scheme is uncovered at the Savoy at the same time Sheriff Lamb stumbles upon it due to a murder. Savino and Laura set about grooming their inexperienced candidate in the upcoming Las Vegas mayoral election.

Episode 7: Bad Seeds: The bodies of two members of the Milwaukee mob are found in a corn field on the outskirts of the city. A hired killer is after Savino and Sheriff Lamb steps in to save the mobsters life.

Episode 8: Exposure: Sheriff Lamb shares the investigation of the murder of a military doctor with an Air Force investigator. Savino’s life become even more difficult after Johnny Rizzo hires an old flame (played by Ivana Milicevic) to sing at the Savoy.

Episode 9: Masquerade: Sheriff Lamb has to investigate the rape and murder of a showgirl. The case seems to have deeply affected Assistant D.A. Katherine O’Connell (played by Carrie-Anne Moss).

Episode 10: Estinto: Sheriff Lamb is looking into the murder of the biggest construction contractor in Las Vegas. Savino finds out he has a rat in his inner circle.

Episode 11: Paiutes: Deputy Jack helps Mia figure out if a new player on a big winning streak is a card cheat. Johnny’s hotheaded nature puts Savino at risk.

Episode 12: From This Day Forward: Relationships at the Savoy are put in jeopardy by a revelation. Sheriff Lamb’s investigation of the murder of a woman leads him to a ranch that is set up for women going through quickie divorces in Vegas.

Episode 13: Road Trip: Sheriff Lamb and Katherine head off after the sociopath hitman, Jones (played by Damon Herriman). Deputy Dixon saves a female member of a teen singing family group from drowning and gets caught up in a case.

Episode 14: The Third Man: Sheriff Lamb and Katherine look into the murder of Johnny Rizzo. Deputy Jack, due to his part in Rizzo’s murder, has to make a deal with Savino, who knows everything.

Episode 15: Two of a Kind: The FBI comes down heavily on Savino’s operation. Deputy Jack has to deal with the consequences of what he has done.

Episode 16: Little Fish: Sheriff Lamb faces troubles in his investigation of an underage prostitution ring due to the FBI. Deputy Jack risks his brother and Katherine’s investigation of Savino in order to protect Mia.

Episode 17: Hollywood Ending: Savino sleeps with Mia’s long-lost mother, Lena (played by Melinda Clarke). Sheriff Lamb and Katherine uncover D.A. Jerry Reynolds’ (played by Michael Reilly Burke) link to Savino.

Episode 18: Scoundrels: Sheriff Dixon has to arrest his son Dixon when he is falsely accused of assaulting starlet Violet Mills (played by Anna Camp). Hollywood producer Barry Silver (played by Paul Ben-Victor), Violet’s boyfriend, is behind it all.

Episode 19: Past Lives: Deputy Jack and Mia are taken hostage by a desperate man. To gain control of The Tumbleweed, Savino attempts to outmaneuver his partner, Porter Gainsley (played by Michael Ironside), a powerful rancher.

Episode 20: Unfinished Business: Sheriff Lamb investigates the murder of a crooked lawyer. While doing so he discovers a link between the dead man and his deceased wife.

Episode 21: Sons of Nevada: Lamb has been stripped of his Sheriff’s badge. In order to seek revenge against the man who killed his wife, Lamb has to work with Savino.

Special Features: Building Vegas, On Set With Savino, Besame Mucho, Cattlemen vs. the Mob: The Story of Vegas, He Ain’t Like the Real Law – Profile of the Real Ralph Lamb, Vegas: Behind the Music, Gag Reel, Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Deleted Scenes

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