Panic! at the Disco – Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!

Catchy synth-rock music is the backdrop to songs about smoking, sex and trouble relationships. How rock and roll of Panic! at the Disco. Very dramatic and exactly the type of album you would expect from these guys from Vegas. Even though the sound is different, as has been the case for them with each of their four albums, there is still something very expected from it. It is totally Vegas with its drama and glitter. I mean, a band from Minneapolis could not have recorded a song like “This is Gospel”. It is fantastic in a very cheeky way. Everything is overdone from the emotion to the music. Harkens back to all those synth driven bands from the eighties that all became our guilty pleasures. What I don’t like about the album are the inane song titles. They do not do justice to the songs. Even though upon first listen you might dismiss it as fluff due to the sound don’t as there is plenty of depth and genuine emotion there. I know that the band has been through a lot and there was even thought of breaking up with one member deciding to take a hiatus, but I hope that they will persevere as they keep pushing forward musically. 

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