If your kids are like most kids they adore Dora. So I’m sure that every time a new Dora DVD is released you are off to the store or log in online to buy it. This one features three episodes (the main one and two in the special features) and will have kids quite in front of the television for 69 minutes of quiet bliss (for you parents). That is if you can tolerate the voices of Dora and her friends.

Dora decides it is a good day to ice skate in the Snowy Forest. She invites the Snow Princess and her animal friends to join her. After the evil Ice Witch takes everyone’s ice skates, Dora and Boots have to figure out a way to rescue the Snow Princess, Snow Fairy and all their Snowy Forest friends. They finally come up with a way and it seems like Dora is going to need your help to do it. A contest involving skating is how you and Dora can be the heroes of the day.

Special Features: 2 Bonus Episodes – “Catch That Shape Train” and “ Dora and Perrito to the Rescue”