Amos Lee – Mountains of Sorrow Rivers of Song

Beside the words singer/songwriter in the dictionary this guy’s picture should appear as he is the epitome of the word.  With his fifth album he cements that contention. Deeply emotional and expressive lyrics with wonderful instrumentation. They guy really knows how to build a song that tells a story.  His voice is the perfect instrument to compliment all this as he doesn’t allow it to overpower. Another forte of this man is that he makes a complete product. It is an album in every sense of the word with an overriding theme and sound. Quality from top to bottom. An added joy is that he has invited artists of the same vein to guest on a couple of songs. So we get the gift of listening to Alison Krauss and Patty Griffin on the tracks “Chill in the Air” and “Mountains of Sorrow”.  Once you buy the album it will be on repeat on your player for a while afterwards.

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