Billie Joe + Norah – Foreverly

In an homage to the Everly Brothers Billie Joe Armstrong (frontman of Green Day) and Norah Jones got together and collaborated on an album full of songs by the group. The Everly Brothers released Songs Our Daddy Taught Us in 1958 and fifty-five years later these two seemingly diametrically opposite musicians have gotten together to reinterpret those songs. You would think the pairing of the two wouldn’t work but for the most part it does. They did not go in blindly as the two had previously sung together at a Tsunami benefit concert so they kinda knew what they were getting into. Their voices blend well. What really shocked me was how much better a voice Armstrong has than his work with Green Day hints at. What should work well is that Green Day fans who normally would not listen to this type of music will give the album a listen due to Armstrong’s involvement opening up the possibility of more fans of Americana. What lends this interpretation a different kind of flair is the inclusion of a female voice within the vocal harmonies. The male-female harmonies add even more of a depth to these old songs. Norah Jones’ smoky voice is perfect for this style of music and shines. She really does sad arrangements and lyrics well. Coupled with some wonderful fiddling or other non-typical instrumentation the Appalachian styled Americana songs are done justice.

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