Cage the Elephant – Melophobia

I’m sure Cage the Elephant fans were a little worried when their second album, 2011’s Thank You, Happy Birthday, came out for it truly was a case of sophomore slump. No need to fear as they are back and stronger than ever. Melophobia really shows the breadth of their talent and it is wide. They are five guys who come together as one while playing music. Using influences from the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties, Cage the Elephant has managed to come up with a distinct sound of their own. Hailing from Kentucky the band can one moment sound like The Beatles and the next The Pixies. Sounds like a horrible mix but it isn’t; it works very well actually. Maybe we can, for simplicity’s sake, call them garage rock with some surf influence thrown in. Frenetic, at times haunting and full of energy the songs bounce along at a good clip. Not one song on the album that you will skip over. Lead single “Come a Little Closer” is as catchy as it gets and “Black Widow” with its horns will have you moving towards the dance floor. If you are a rock music fan this is a must purchase as it is one of the best releases of the genre in 2013.

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