Last summer the big film was The Avengers. To see all the super heroes fighting together really seemed to be something that fans liked. Cashing in on that Marvel’s animation division has teamed up Iron Man (voiced by Adrian Pasdar) and Hulk (voiced by Fred Tatasciore)in their latest adventure. Using the winning combination that has made them a hit we have plenty of action with an ample sprinkling of humour. Or it should be a winning combination…

HYDRA scientists have unwittingly created an abomination that goes by the name Zzzax (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker). Experimenting they extract gamma radiation from the Hulk and juice from Iron Man’s arc reactor. Needing a lot of energy to live, Zzzax is a threat to drain all of Earth’s electricity. It is going to take the combined power and intellect of Iron Man and Hulk because as time passes Zzzax keeps getting stronger.

The CG animated film looks good but somewhat dated. It seems like they cheaped out on the animation. With the character movements looking a little stilted. The story is like it was written for ten-year-olds. Very simple and the humour does not really work. Childish and simple is not a good combination. Plus the way they have written the Hulk really does not work. He doesn’t act like himself and even talks in full, fluid sentences. Uninspired and too short.

Too bad the Marvel animation cannot live up to the standards set by the live action films.

Special Features: Marvel Inter-Missions, Digital Copy, Marvel Team-Up with Ryan Penagos and Joe Q