Scotty McCreery – See You Tonight

Admittedly I have not watched American Idol for many a season but from what I can gather this guy won a couple of seasons back. The nineteen-year-old has a pleasant enough baritone and sings songs appropriate to his age (meaning a large portion of them are about girls), which makes sense as he co-wrote five of the tracks. Most of the album is upbeat and cheery except for the heartstring puller “Something More”. Despite the fact that this is only his second album there is great potential and polish shown. The production is great and the instrumentation is second to none. Many songs on See You Tonight are radio worthy. What is most refreshing about this young talent is that he stuff is quite unique sounding. Country music has become a rather carbon copy musical genre of late and so it is nice when someone venture out into their own sound. He might even succeed in changing the minds of some non-country music fans out there.

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