Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – Blu-ray Edition

It is 1912 and Indiana Jones (played by River Phoenix) is a teenage riding with his scout troop in the Utah desert. In a cave in the rock Indiana sees some men who have discovered an important artifact. He gets the artifact from them and makes a high speed and daring escape. Only to have the artifact given back to the man after by the sheriff.

As an adult Indiana has once again gone after the same man for the same artifact. This time it’s on the high seas. He just wants the artifact to be in a museum. This time he is successful and turns it over to Marcus.

Back at school Indiana is being watched. He is brought to meet Walter Donovan (played by Julian Glover), a rich man with a passion for antiquities. His men have unearthed a tablet referring to the Holy Grail. The Grail will bring eternal life to whoever drinks from it. Indiana is hesitant to go after what he thinks to just be a story or myth. That is until he goes to his father’s house to find it ransacked and his father (played by Sean Connery) missing.

So it is off to Venice, Italy where they are to meet a Dr. Schneider (played by Alison Doody) who will help them in their search. Dr. Schneider turns out to be a beautiful blonde woman. It starts getting dangerous but Indiana continues looking for his father.

Finally he locates Dr. Henry Jones Sr. in a house and the Nazis are after them. It turns out that Dr. Schneider is working for the Nazis. Donovan is behind it all. After getting away from the Nazis Dr. Jones wants to continue on with the search and that means going to Germany. Indiana reluctantly agrees as the Germans have the map and Marcus.

From there the chase continues into the desert of Hatay. Father and son take on a whole German troop.

After the darker previous film Indiana Jones turns back to the lighter fare we came to know and love it for. Plus you get the introduction of James Bond…ummm…Sean Connery as Indiana’s father. A case of perfect casting! As serious as Dr. Jones is Connery still adds plenty of wit and charm to the mix.  You would think that the acorn is from another tree completely if not their mutual love of archaeology.  In this case keeping up with the Joneses is a heck of a lot of fun.

Special Features:

-Teaser Trailer (HD)
-Theatrical Trailer (HD)
-Digital Copy (available via iTunes)

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