Scoot and Kassie’s Christmas Adventure

Time has passed.  Enough time that the guy that played Beverly Hills 90210’s cool guy Dylan McKay Luke Perry is now old enough to play the single father of two girls.  One look at the cover and you think this is going to be a lame kids’ film.  Now you’d be partially right.  It does have a certain amount of lameness to it, but it is a good family holiday watch.  If you have teenagers they will probably make faces during parts though they probably will stick it out despite themselves.

After the death of his wife Paul Stevenson (Luke Perry) is trying for a fresh start in a new job in a new city with his two young daughters, teenager Esther (Camrey Bagley – first film) and the younger Kassie (Ariana Bagley).  Paul has started a job as the manager of the bank and as his first duty is hiring two new security guards.  Little does he know, but the two he hires are bank robbers who are actually casing the bank planning to rob it.

The only one who knows that the two new security guards are crooks is Scoot, a police dog.  Scoot and Officer Riley (James Andrews – first film) almost had the two crooks caught, but they got away and Scoot was hurt and lost.  Young Kassie finds an injured Scoot and brings him home to take care of him.  She hides the dog in her closet and doesn’t tell her dad knowing he won’t let her keep him.

Pastor Bailey (Adam Johnson) names Kassie as the director of the church kid choir and she begins to whip them into shape for the upcoming Christmas concert.  She also gets the kids going around from door to door Christmas caroling in order to raise money for toys for underprivileged kids.

When the security guards are ready to make their move and steal the kids’ money it is up to Scoot, Kassie and the other kids to save the day.

Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes

-Gag Reel

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