Fascination Coral Reef 3D: Hunters and the Hunted – Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray Combo Edition

Survival of the fittest is doubly true in the oceans of the world.  Sharks are the biggest of the hunters and pretty much every other creature is the hunted.  This is the natural way of life underwater and you can learn about what goes on where the naked eye cannot see.

Sharks are continuously looking for their next prey.  They have a multitude of size, shapes and tastes and they are all living throughout the different reefs of the waters of this planet.  The predators have to decipher all the different shapes and colours of the reefs and fish to figure out what to chase.

Besides sharks we also follow along after moray eels, mackerel and napoleon fish to see how they go about getting prey for sustenance.  Each has their own unique way to fill their bellies and survive in the deep blue regions of this planet.

For 53 minutes you get to see this interesting chase and be chased from both perspectives.  Some might find it a little too rough for their tastes, but this is a depiction of the natural cycle of life.  Nature creates a balance.  We see the hunting methods of small and large predators.  An inside and close up look.  Plus we see how nature has given the hunted different defence mechanisms from the ability to look bigger than they are to camouflage via colour.

In actuality we see very little of the actual killing and devouring.  What the filmmakers focused on were the glorious shapes and colours of the reefs and fish.  The world depicted is shown to be rather calm and quiet.  We spend quite a bit of time following the routine behaviours of the eels and mackerel.  And therein lays the weakness of the film.  It is dull rather than exciting.  This is amplified by the monotonous voice of the narrator.  Thankfully the visuals are stunning and make it worth the watch.

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