AFI – Burials

Alt-rock with a sprinkling of flamboyant and you have AFI.  On this their ninth studio album they worked with producer Gil Norton of Pixies and Foo Fighters fame and had it mixed by Andrew Scheps, who has worked with Metallica and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. So there is plenty of talent there to support their music. They seem to have done everything they could to create a successful album. Everything except write and record good songs. I’m sure however that the album will sell a ton because they have millions of fiercely loyal fans. Remember though that record sales is not an indication of quality (hello, One Direction). The music on the album is a little different from the type long-time fans might expect from them. Yes, it is melodic. Maybe a little too much for my taste. It all seems very calculated to me. Not organic rather music recorded with the aim of ending up on the radio. Lots of atmosphere (most of it being dark) though quite light on the content. “I Hope You Suffer” is a good track but everything else is rather disappointing from this band we know can do better.

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