Barbie & her Sister in a Pony Tale – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

It seems to be a universal. Girls all over the world for several generations now have grown up playing with and loving Barbie.  Whether in the doll format, television series or in films. There is something about the doll with the unrealistic dimensions that young girls latch onto. The people at Mattel have learned that no matter what they release associated with Barbie will be asked for by young ones and purchased by parents.

Barbie and her three younger sisters are off to Switzerland on a trip to visit with her Aunt Marlene. Not only there to have fun and see a new country, Barbie has purposely selected her aunt’s horse riding academy because she wants to finds a new horse of her own to compete in the steeplechase.

Finding the perfect horse is harder than she though and made even harder by the fact that she is distracted by the sighting of a wild horse. This breed of horse used to belong to the princesses and are reputedly the best jumpers of all.  With the thoughts of this in her head Barbie disappears on rides daily into the forest to try and see if the magical horse really does exist.

Her sisters are busy with their own things.  Stacie, the athlete of the sisters, is sure that riding a horse is going to be a piece of cake but she is in for a surprise. Chelsea is upset when a small pony selects her as its mount and dreams of riding a big horse like everyone else.  Aunt Marlene is also preoccupied because her riding academy is in financial difficulties and she might have to sell it.  The only way to save it is if they win the upcoming riding competition which will bring the academy the prize money and the good reputation required in order to attract new riding students.

Recently the Barbie films/television series have undergone a down period.  They were weak and girls were beginning to turn away from the doll.  Some new people were brought in for this film and a small improvement has been made.  While the story is still a little clunky at least it is not a complete mess and makes some sense. The animation is the colourful but pink dominated look you’ve come to expect.

Special Features: Outtakes, Music Video, Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Music Video, Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Episode 1, Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Episode 2, Digital Copy

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