Battle of the Year – Blu-ray Edition

I guess these awful dance films make money because I cannot see any other reason why they keep making them.  As I am no dance expert I presume the dancing is good (though I am not convinced and can tell you that the music is awful), but they have not put any effort into any other aspect of the film.  The story is hokey, the acting is awful and filled with a pile of stereotypes.

Every year the best b-boy teams from around the world compete for the title of the best in the world.  The Battle of the Year competition has not been won by a team from the United States in fifteen years and this brings shame as that is the country where b-boy was born.

Music executive and former b-boyer Dante Graham (Laz Alonso – Avatar, Fast & Furious) is aiming to change this.  He seeks out his friend Jason Blake (Josh Holloway – from television’s Lost) to coach the U.S.’s entry.  The only problem is that Jason has dialed out of life.  After losing his wife and child in a car accident a few years prior Jason has secluded himself in his small apartment and spent his time drinking.

Something makes Jason agree to coach the team if it is done his way.  After bringing on wet behind the ears Franklyn (Josh Peck – Red Dawn – 2012, Ice Age: Continental Drift) as his assistant coach, Jason comes up with the idea of instead of entering an established team to put out a call to all the best b-boyers in the country to try out for what in essence will be an all-star team.

The try-out happens and a team is selected.  Jason takes them to what used to be a juvie facility and runs an intense training camp.  Each week one guy is sent home until Jason gets the size of team he wants.  Tension ensues and emotions run high.  Some will make the cut while others will be disappointed.  Time will soon tell whether Jason’s controversial methods will make the team the best in the world.

Bottom line is that if you don’t like dance…or maybe Chris Brown (Are there really any of you out there? And, for the love of God, it cannot be because of his terrible acting skills!) then you won’t be able to sit through this disaster.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Extended Dance Sequences

-This is Planet B-Boy: Inside the Culture

-The Art of B-Boying: A Guide to Breaking

-Prepare for Battle: Training and Rehearsals

-Previews for Sony Blu-ray, Insidious: Chapter 2, White House Down, After Earth, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, You Got Served: Beat the World

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