I Love Lucy Colorized Christmas Special

No matter what age you are funny is funny and Lucille Ball is funny for all ages.  Recognized as the funniest woman to ever be on television, Lucille Ball is a comic genius who created one of the most memorable characters in television history. Lucy was always getting in trouble and that led to her being plenty of funny situations for the viewers’ enjoyment. To deepen your enjoyment these three Christmas themed episodes have been colourized so they can be fully enjoyed by a modern audience. The colourization process has improved greatly over what it was in the past. Be warned, however, that the flashback sequences are still in black and white.

Episode 1: I Love Lucy Christmas: It is Christmas Eve and Ricky (played by Desi Arnez) warns his young son (played by Richard Keith) that unless he goes to sleep that Santa Claus cannot bring the tree and his presents. When they finally convince him to go to bed it is up to the adults to get everything ready. This is easier said than done and when Fred (played by William Frawley) and a saw get going and reminiscing goes on.

Episode 2:  Lucy Goes to Scotland: The Ricardos and Mertzes are off to France. Lucy (played by Lucille Ball) decides to make a stop in Scotland to see her family. A dream sequence ensues.

Episode 3: Lucy’s Italian Movie: On a train in Italy Lucy gets discovered by a film director. He asks her to be in his film Bitter Grapes and of course she agrees. To immerse herself in the role Lucy heads off to a vineyard. Lucy gets herself into a grape-stomping competition with another worker. The grape stomping fight is one of the most famous television scenes ever.

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