Sky Ferreira – Night Time, My Time

She’s a model. She’s an actress. And now she’s a singer too. Sky Ferreira is a renaissance woman able to do everything and she is only twenty-one-years-old. Using a retro sound that would have fit right in if she had recorded Night Time, My Time in the eighties. At times the songs will remind you of Simple Minds while others like Tears for Fears. The kids today call it electropop and Sky Ferreira’s interestingly unique sounding voice complements it perfectly. The singer-songwriter has released a couple of singles previously but this is her debut full-length album. It is pop music though more of the alt pop style. If you listen to lyrics (does anyone do that anymore?) then they will allow you a peek into the artist’s life and what she has gone through. Each song is like another chapter in the story of her life and by the sounds of it she has had an eventful one. Don’t let the nudity of the cover deter you from giving this new artist a chance.

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