Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2

The thirteen years between the first The Marshall Mathers album and this one has seen many changes in the world and the life of rapper Eminem. He is now richer, more famous, has won many awards, gone away and come back, and has sold tens of millions of albums. What has not changed is the high quality and originality of his music. This guy has always walked his own path in the rap world. He sets the trends rather than following them. His beats and rhythms are heavy and goofy at the same time. To do this and be taken seriously indicates big talent.  A true talent who gains fans to his music amongst those who don’t usually listen to rap. This is why he can make an album with a seven minute song (“Bad Guy”) psycho rap song about a guy getting chopped up and put in a car trunk then driven around while listening to The Marshall Mathers LP without anyone batting an eye. We have come to expect the unexpected from Eminem. Though he is an original the guy from Detroit does show reverence for old school hip hop. His sample of Beastie Boys on the track “Berzerk” is a perfect example of this. Showing complete awareness of what is going on around him, unlike most rap or hip hop albums there is precious little guest vocals happening. The only one is from Kendrick Lamar, a rapper who has been influenced in his craft by Eminem. The master rewarding the student. Eminem is aware of how he is seen by the public and he used to craft songs about it relentlessly now he has moved on to concerns more typical of a 40-something-year-old. Figuring out the workings of computers and refers back to the nineties frequently. In other words, he is still a little bit of the cranky mess he has always been. Watching him enter middle age is going to be fun!

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