Muse: Live at Rome Olympic Stadium – Blu-ray Edition

British band Muse has been known to put on large and lavish live shows. Besides their modern progressive rock styled music their stage and visuals are also humongous. A huge stage with a part that juts out deep into the audience, a huge Jumbotron screen used to project a variety of images, a giant light bulb hanging above the band…are you getting the picture? Everything is big with this band. Throw in an acrobat and a film that comes to life and you have their show at the Rome Olympic Stadium.

The show is complemented by the great camerawork and cinematography of this video. All images are clear and precise.  Even with all the lights in the show things come through clearly.  Lead singer Matthew Bellamy sounds great when he is not being drowned out by the enthusiastic crowd.

All this glitz and glamour would amount to a ball of wax if the music was crap. Such is not the case. Muse plays a brand of music that is complex, filled with catchy hooks and great musicianship. Sit back and enjoy – with your ears and visually.

Due to the combination of their quality music and stunning visuals it makes Muse a very interesting show. They perform with an immense amount of energy and the entire package makes you never want to miss a show of theirs when they come to your town.

Set List:

  1. Intro
    2. Supremacy
    3. Panic Station
    4. Plug In Baby
    5. Resistance
    6. Animals
    7. Knights of Cydonia
    8. Explorers
    9. Hysteria
    10. Feeling Good
    11. Follow Me
    12. Madness
    13. Time Is Running Out
    14. Guiding Light
    15. Undisclosed Desires
    16. Supermassive Black Hole
    17. Survival
    18. The 2nd Law: Isolated System
    19. Uprising
    20. Starlight

Bonus CD contains the following tracks:

  1. Supremacy
    2. Panic Station
    3. Resistance
    4. Hysteria
    5. Animals
    6. Knights of Cydonia
    7. Explorers
    8. Follow Me
    9. Madness
    10. Guiding Light
    11. Supermassive Black Hole
    12. Uprising
    13. Starlight

Special Features: U.S. Arenas, On the Road