Blind Boys of Alabama – I’ll Find a Way

For this album the gospel influenced band Blind Boys of Alabama went to the recording studio of Justin Vernon, singer in the band Bon Iver. The rich harmonies they have been known for are still there but they are backed up by very little. Meaning that the arrangements are quite minimal.  It is a perfect combination. Justin Vernon seems well steeped in the history and intricacies of gospel music and so he does not tread heavily all over the sound the band has become known for. He even picked the songs out to record for the Blind Boys of Alabama. They are gospel type songs new and old as well as songs from other musical genres like country and folk. The result is a very organic sound. On about half of the songs guest vocalists like Patty Griffin, Justin Vernon, Sam Amidon and Shara Whorden (My Brightest Diamond). This is a band that keeps finding ways to remain relevant and current.

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