Gary Numan – Splinter (Songs From a Broken Mind)

The guy who was famous for that song “Cars” from the 1980s has undergone a rebirth of sorts. He said he was inspired by the music of Nine Inch Nails. Interesting. He even uses guitarist Robin Finck, who has worked with NIN in the past, on his comeback album. Guy means what he says. The music is very current with its digital-industrial sound which is not that unusual from a guy that some have thought of as a pioneer of electronic music.  It is interesting background for that distinctive high tenor of Numan. The detail paid to the arrangements is astonishing at times. Really blew my mind how the guy has an ear. Despite the modernization to a more modern electronic sound there is still plenty of young person angst to be found in the lyrics. It’s great to have him back as his music is unlike anything else you will hear. The energy he has put into the music comes through your speakers loud and clear. First single off the album is the track “Love Hurt Bleed” then it ventures off into some Arabic influence with “Splinter” and even the luxurious sounds of “The Calling”. Every song is worth multiple listens.

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