Planes – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

Soon Disney will have an animated film about every creature and vehicle known to man. Following on the heels of the popular Cars franchise of films comes Planes directed by Klay Hall (Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure). After watching it I think maybe Disney should have stuck with cars.

Dusty (Dane Cook – Mr. Brooks, Dan in Real Life) believes there is more to life than being a cropduster. His older sidekick Leadbottom (Cedric the Entertainer – Madagascar, Ice Age) thinks he is crazy to want to give it up to be a racer.  During his time off he practices his air racing. Repair truck Dottie (Teri Hatcher – from television’s Desperate Housewives) warns him to stop practicing as he wasn’t built for racing.  Instead of listening to her he asks Dottie to come with him to the qualifier for the Wings Around the Globe.

Dusty’s friend Chug (Brad Garrett – from television’s Everybody Loves Raymond) tells him he needs help from Skipper (Stacy Keach – American History X, The Bourne Legacy), a grounded World War II fighter.  Dusty gathers his courage and asks him.  Skipper tells Dusty he is in over his head.

In Lincoln, Nebraska Dusty participates in the qualifier.  Reigning Wings Around the Globe champ Ripslinger (Roger Craig Smith – Wreck-It Ralph) is there.  The top 5 qualifiers will make the big race.  Dusty flies under the name of Strut Jetstream.  The other planes make fun of the cropduster.  Dusty does well, but ends up in 6th place.  Close but no cigar so he goes back to cropdusting.

A truck from Wings Around the Globe comes looking for Strut Jestream.  Dusty is told that the 5th place finisher was found with an illegal additive in his tank so Dusty is in the race.  Skipper lets on that he has been watching and agrees to start helping him.  During training it comes out that Dusty is afraid of heights. Dottie makes some adjustments and Skipper trains him hard.  Finally he is ready.

The little cropduster that could is off to New York where the Wings Around the Globe starts.  There the 21 top racing planes in the world will face off against each other and Dusty is the total underdog.

Right off the top I have to warn you that Disney has done better.  Much better.  But even a middling effort from Disney will keep everyone entertained.  The young ones will love the action and funny stuff and the older ones…well, come to think of it they will like the action and funny stuff as well.

I read that Planes was at first supposed to be a direct to video film.  It probably should have stayed that way.  But they decided to go for the gusto and do the whole shebang.  I’m sure the popularity and success of Cars had something to do with that thinking.  Goes to show you that it is not a great idea the whole money grab thing.  Even for Disney.  It didn’t do well at the box office, but like most Disney films all the various merchandising sold really well.

When it comes to a Disney animated films I have higher standards than I do for other animated films.  I have to say that what disappointed me most about this film was the animation.  Some parts were great while others were totally below standard.  It is almost like the animators were rushed through their work as it occasionally has an unfinished look about it.  Animation has the potential to be a beautiful medium and Disney fell way short here.

Special Features:

-Klay’s Flight Plan

-Meet the Racers

-Sneak Peeks of Iron Man Hulk: Heroes United, Mary Poppins: 50th Anniversary Edition, Ariel’s Beginning & Return to the Sea, The Pirate Fairy, Planes: Fire & Rescue, Frozen, The Jungle Book: Diamond Edition

-Exclusive Musical Scene: Franz’s Song

-Deleted Scenes

-Top 10 Fliers

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