Iggy Azalea – Change Your Life (EP)

You cannot say that they girl had it easy. The twenty-three year old worked at a cleaning job so she could save up the money for a plane ticket from her native Australia to Miami. She knew she wanted a career in music. Soon she moved to Atlanta after she gained the attention of rapper T.I. After releasing a mix tape in 2011 that earned her some fans and the respect of some big names in the hip hop industry. The buzz around her grew steadily. Change Your Life is her debut release. It backs up the fact that she is not just a pretty face. Rather Iggy Azalea knows how to string together lyrics and delivers them with a certain flair. After listening to this EP I have to say that there will be even fewer people doubting the talent. The hooks are there especially in the title track, which features a guest appearance by her mentor T.I. It is the track “Work” that really caught my attention. In the few minutes of the song she lets us into her mind and how she had to work to even get this far. The words sound heartfelt and the way she delivers the words demonstrates that she has charm to burn. The few songs and remixes on the EP show she is an artist with plenty of potential and needs to get a full-length album out quickly.

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