Don Cheadle is a well respected actor and he has his fingers in every pie of this television series. He is the lead actor and the role has earned him a Golden Globe, an Image Award and two Emmy nominations. Also he is a producer on the series. Cheadle’s reputation is only growing with his involvement in the very entertaining House of Lies. He is totally playing against character in this as the wheeler-dealer Marty Kahn, the slipperiest, shadiest, two-timingest, would sell his mother to close a deal consultant in the business. In every oh-too-short (only a 30 minute show) episode of the series based on the novel of the same name by Martin Kahn there is naughtiness, bedlam and mergers. And trust me you will enjoy every glorious moment.

Episode 1: Stochasticity: Marty (played by Don Cheadle) and the Pod adjust to the “new” Galweather & Stern. Julianne Hofschrager (played by Bess Armstrong) is named the company’s new interim CEO.

Episode 2: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Planet: It is off to Las Vegas for Marty and the Pod to work on a potential deal rejuvenating an aging casino. There they are joined by a new member at Galweather & Stern but an old friend of Marty’s, Tamara (played by Nia Long).

Episode 3: Man-Date: Marty and Clyde (played by Ben Schwartz) attempt to win over the latest Las Vegas casino king, Michael Carlson (played by Mather Zickel). It is tricky as this self-made millionaire hates consultants.

Episode 4: Matt Damon comes to Galweather & Stern wanting them to help build on his image by finding him a new charity to get behind. Marty finds out that even he does not want to go as far as Matt Damon requires him to.

Episode 5: Sincerity is an Easy Disguise in the Business: Marty’s pseudo militant pro-social younger brother, Malcom (played by Larenz Tate), drops in for a visit. While working for a client that runs an online dating site, Doug (played by Josh Lawson) finds a woman he falls in love with.

Episode 6: Family Values: Marty begins to wonder about his commitment to Galweather & Stern when an executive retreat conflicts with his son Roscoe’s (played by Donis Leonard Jr.) dance show.

Episode 7: The Runner Stumbles: Marty is conflicted when he finds evidence that a banking client has participated in a cover-up scheme with racial components. Jeannie (played by Kristen Bell) shows the Pod a sex video an ex-boyfriend has spitefully put online.

Episode 8: Wonders of the World: Jeannie begins dating Nate (played by Adam Brody), a guy who owns an adult toy company. Malcolm begins coming between Marty and his father, Jeremiah (played by Glynn Turman).

Episode 9: Liability: Michael Carlson is dragging his heels closing the deal with Marty. After Roscoe moves back in with Marty Monica (played by Dawn Olivieri) begins to slip back in to her old lifestyle.

Episode 10: Exit Strategy: Marty begins to make changes with his future in mind. Tension boils over between brothers Malcolm and Marty.

Episode 11: Hostile Takeover: Marty learns some information about Tamara. Clyde believes he is going to get ahead when the Dushkin brothers turn to him for help establishing their brand outside the club they own.

Episode 12: Til Death Do Us Part: Doug asks Sarah (played by Jenny Slate) to marry him. Very quickly Sarah puts together a wedding in Las Vegas.

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