Crossing Lines: Season One – Blu-ray Edition

Character actor William Fichtner has been in everything. Many a television series and film you look and he’s there. Always turning in a solid performance but obviously never given a chance to carry a series himself. Crossing Lines changes all that. This is his baby. He is the main man for a change and demonstrates that whoever gave him this chance was right to do so. The whole cast is strong in this NBC show. The locations are real plus exotic and the writing is strong. All this plus you get some Donald Sutherland to boot. The stories of international criminals and the elite team that hunts them down sometimes verge on being soap operaish but I don’t think it wants to be taken too seriously. This is a series that is just trying to by watchable and I say, what more could you ask for? Plus they are smart enough to keep you hanging on for next season as they leave a lot

Episode 1: Pilot – Part 1: Former NYPD detective Carl Hickman (played by William Fichtner) begins working with a team involved with international criminal cases. The first case he works they are on the hunt for a serial killer.

Episode 2: Pilot – Part 2: They are still working on a case involving a serial killer. Hickman is having trouble because of the constant pain in his hand.

Episode 3: The Terminator: The ICC team has gained some recognition and are even given offices of their own. While investigating a series of murders across different countries the team comes across a series of art thefts and deaths.

Episode 4: Long-Haul Predators: Sebastian (played by Tom Wlaschiha) finds a link between a body and an abandoned car. The ICC stumbles upon a truckers’ fight club.

Episode 5: Special Ops – Part 1: The team begins the hunt for the kidnappers of a rich teenager. Louis (played by Marc Lavoine) and Dorn (played by Donald Sutherland) uncover a connection to Alexander Dimitrov.

Episode 6: Special Ops – Part 2: Secrets from Sebastian’s past come to light and they might jeopardize his career. In Italy Eva (played by Gabriella Pession) discovers a similar kidnapping.

Episode 7: The Animals: Whilst investigating a bank Hickman is taken hostage. It is up to the rest of the team to figure out why.

Episode 8: Desperation & Desperados: The daughter of a drug lord is kidnapped. A mass shooting in Slovenia and Italy draws the attention of the ICC.

Episode 9: New Scars/Old Wounds – Part 1: A woman is found dead and Hickman is involved. Dorn uncovers some information about the death of Louis and Rebecca’s (played by Elsa Mollien) son.

Episode 10: New Scars/Old Wounds – Part 2: Hickman’s life is in jeopardy. Eva and Sebastian hunt for Anne-Marie (played by Moon Dailly).

Special Features: Behind the Lines

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