Kellie Pickler – The Woman I Am

Good girl goes bad country style. Kellie Pickler for her first two albums was of a fairly Disney princess style. In other words, a good girl dancing around with birds twittering around her head. On The Woman I Am she had done a 360 and changed her image to the bad girl. Marketing ploy or is it actually the woman she is? Hard to figure that one out. The only thing we can judge for certain is the quality of the music. And really at the end of the day it is all that matters. In songs that cover subject matter like infidelity, revenge, break ups, relatives in jail and crazy families Pickler sings well if not fantastically. Let’s not harshly judge the girl for wanting to branch out, evolve musically and show different sides of her personality. What matters is that the twelve songs are all very listenable and marketable. Pop country is very hot right now and most songs on the album travel down that golden road. The singles “Someone Somewhere Tonight” and “Little Bit Gypsy” have already been hits. I believe that she believes what she is singing. If Kellie Pickler has a talent it is making you feel what she is singing as she always sounds very genuine. Being honest is one of her strong suits as a singer and she did co-write a couple of the songs on the album. Don’t be a hater just because there is some change going on. If Beyonce can be Sasha Fierce then Kellie Pickler can be a little tougher.

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