Downton Abbey: Season 4 – Blu-ray Edition

One of the most fervently followed shows of the past couple of years has been a British clutching your pearls PBS production called Downton Abbey. People have lost their forshizzle over this show. It is a period piece about the goings on in a very complex group of people that all have something to do with the Crawley household. From the Crawleys to their servants to the people they know they all have so much going on in their lives (and most of it is happening behind the scenes) that it is hard to keep it all straight at times. It all seems very formal and serious on the surface but not too far underneath the surface bubbles a cauldron of human emotions. Fun, fun, fun until the episode is over.

Episode 1: It is February 1922 and long after Matthew’s funeral. Isobel (played by Penelope Wilton) and Mary (played by Michelle Dockery) are still deep in grief over his death.

Episode 2: Mary begins to recover a little and starts showing interest in the running of the estate. Her father is not so thrilled about her interest.

Episode 3: At a glamourous house party at Downton Abbey Dame Nellie Melba (played by Kiri Te Kanawa) sings. The Crawleys reconnect with old friends and acquaintances.

Episode 4: The house party guests leave but they leave a distraught person behind. Lady Mary has to deal with a declaration of love.

Episode 5: Thomas (played by Rob James-Collier) is back to his plotting and scheming. Bates (played by Brendan Coyle) uncovers Anna’s (played by Joanne Froggatt) secret and puts it to her.

Episode 6: Lady Rose (played by Lily James) has organized a surprise birthday party for Robert (played by Hugh Bonneville). Alfred (played by Matt Milne) follows his dreams and leaves for the Ritz in London.

Episode 7: Mary and Mr. Blake (played by Julian Ovenden) earn some respect when they deal with some dirty pigs. Jack (played by Gary Carr) is taken with Lady Rose.

Episode 8: Everyone is busy with the church bazaar. Rose and Jack’s relationship is dealt with.

Episode 9: The London Season: The Crawleys travel to London to present Rose as a debutant for the summer of 1923. They and the servants have a great time in the big city.

Special Features: Downton Diaries, Making Of, Meet the New Cast

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