Bill Cosby…Far From Finished: Live in Concert – Blu-ray Edition

There is something about Bill Cosby’s comedy style that has always always hit home with me. His famous skits like his visit to the dentist, getting progressive glasses or the one with Bernadette have had me laughing so hard I’m crying even after watching them a couple of times. The guy just has a nice laid back way about him yet you laugh as much as you do watching comedians expending ten times the energy. A veteran who proves that it not about assuming a weird persona or jumping about that comedy is always about the material and the relationship between comedian and audience.

Hard to believe but this is his first comedy special in thirty years. He really hasn’t lost a step though despite the fact that he will be seventy-six on his next birthday. A physical comedian who uses only his body and face and no props to tell his meandering stories. Bottom line is that he is a storyteller so don’t expect any “jokes” or any profanity making it appropriate for all ages. He will tell stories that contain humourous observations about human behaviour and life in general. His strength is taking seemingly ordinary subjects and making them hilarious. Watching one of his shows is akin to being in your living room and listening to your funny uncle just talk until you are in stitches.

Timeless subjects like friendship, first love, marriage or raising children are all touched upon during the 90-odd minutes he is onstage.

Special Features: Interview with Bill Cosby – Two Guys Not Lying to Each Other, Ghostbusters #1, Behind the Scenes, Fans

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