Patty Griffin – Silver Bell

The music on this album was recorded in 2000 and yet doesn’t feel dated at all. It floated around for thirteen years in limbo because Patty Griffin’s label (A&M Records) didn’t like it. Granted it is very different from what we’ve come to expect for folk musician Patty Griffin but is still high quality stuff. Once she upped her recognizability by recording an album with Robert Plant the label rethought that stance and agreed to release the material. Well-known producer Glyn Jones remixed the fourteen songs to freshen them up a bit. Put in chronological order this would have been her third album. Because of the delay you might already be familiar with two songs from the album if you are a Dixie Chicks fan as in 2002 they recorded “Top of the World” and “Truth #2”. The latter is also remarkable because of the fact that Emmylou Harris sings on it. Fans listening to this will be rewarded with an unexpected treat with their musical fan verging off into an almost punk or thrash sound on one number and a heavy bass sound on the next. As each song ends and you wait for the next one to start you await what surprise is coming next. Like most experiments some tracks work better than others but overall this is a strong album.

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