the big Bang Theory: The Complete Sixth Season -Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

The sixth season of the show that made geeks cool. Geek culture laid out for the rest of us to observe and try and understand. Sheldon (played by Jim Parsons), Leonard (played by Johnny Galecki), Howard (played by Simon Helberg) and Raj (played by Kunal Nayyar) are friends who are all scientists and not your average, run-of-the-mill scientists, but ones that work on stuff having to do with outer space, theoretical physics, etc. Serious science. Somehow the writers of the series have managed to make them funny as opposed to the dull as dishwater you would expect. This is because as brilliant as they are is as backwards as they are when it comes to social situations or relationships. Wit, heart, jokes, sex, relationship problems, and references to sci fi movies and film are what make up the backbone of The Big Bang Theory.

Episode 1: The Date Night Variable: Howard is stuck in the middle of argument between his mother and Bernadette (played by Melissa Rauch). This all takes place while he is in space.

Episode 2: The Decoupling Fluctuation: Sheldon once again has a hard time when he has a secret to keep. The secret is that Leonard and Penny (played by Kaley Cuoco) are going to break up.

Episode 3: The Higgs Boson Observation: Sheldon hires an assistant. Because his assistant is female Amy (played by Mayim Bialik) is jealous.

Episode 4: The Re-Entry Minimisation: Howard is upset when his arrival back on Earth from space doesn’t garner much of a response from his friends. A big surprise is in store for him at home.

Episode 5: The Holographic Excitation: The gang is really excited for Stuart’s (played by Kevin Sussman) annual Halloween party at the comic book store. Leonard begins to seduce Penny with science.

Episode 6: The Extract Obliteration: Penny starts attending community college. Raj begins coming out of his shell.

Episode 7: The Habitation Configuration: Howard prepares for the move out of his mother’s house. Sheldon turns to Penny for relationship advice.

Episode 8: The 43 Peculiarity:  Raj and Howard go crazy trying to figure out Sheldon’s secret afternoon routine. Jealousy wreaks havoc on Leonard and Penny’s relationship.

Episode 9: The Parking Spot Escalation: The university decides to give Sheldon’s parking spot to Howard. Their ensuing fight affects the whole group.

Episode 10: The Fish Guts Displacement: Tension is thick when Howard and Bernadette have dinner with her parents. The guys turn to Penny for fishing advice.

Episode 11: The Santa Simulation: Guys plan an evening of Dungeons & Dragons and the girls are not invited. The girls decide to make the guys jealous by going on a girls’ night out.

Episode 12: The Egg Salad Equivalency: Sheldon makes all the guys go before the Human Resources Department at work to deal with Alex’s (played by Margo Harshman) advances toward Howard. Penny begins to feel insecure due to Alex’s flirting.

Episode 13: The Bakersfield Expedition: In order to get to a comic book convention the guys undertake a road trip. While stopped Leonard’s car is stolen.

Episode 14: The Cooper-Kripke Inversion: Howard finds himself in money troubles due to his hobby. Howard and Raj get action figures of themselves that cost $1,000.

Episode 15: The Spoiler Alert Segmentation: Leonard is mad at Sheldon so he moves in with Penny. Amy then tells Sheldon she would be the perfect roommate for him.

Episode 16: The Tangible Affection Proof: It is Valentine’s Day and all the couples have plans. Raj and Stuart plan a singles only party at the comic book store.

Episode 17: The Monster Isolation: Raj is crushed when his date suddenly dashes out on their first get together. Sheldon has Penny on as a guest on “Fun With Flags”.

Episode 18: The Contractual Obligation Implementation: Raj and Lucy (played by Kate Micucci) have their first date at a library. The girls go to Disneyland and are made up as Disney princesses.

Episode 19: The Closet Reconfiguration: Bernadette prepares a dinner for everyone but Sheldon brings his own Thai take-out. Leonard and Penny decide to have people over for a formal dinner rather than take-out.

Episode 20: The Tenure Turbulence: A tenured professor position opens up and the competition between the guys is fierce. Sheldon goes up against Mrs. Davis (played by Regina King) from Human Resources.

Episode 21: The Closure Alternative: Sheldon is upset after one of his favourite television shows is cancelled. Raj discovers a secret about Lucy.

Episode 22: The Proton Resurgence: Sheldon and Leonard go about trying to hire their favourite television scientist. Howard and Bernadette watch Raj’s dog.

Episode 23: The Love Spell Potential: A girls’ trip to Vegas is cancelled so they all end up playing Dungeons & Dragons. Raj leaves to spend time with Lucy.

Episode 24: The Bon Voyage Reaction: Leonard has a job opportunity for the summer but it involves working abroad. This causes Sheldon to be jealous.

Special Features: The Final Comedy Frontier, Houston, We Have a Sitcom, The Big Bang Theory at Paley Fest 2013, Electromagnetism: The Best Relationship Moments in Season 6, Gag Reel, Ultraviolet Copy

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