Treme: The Complete Fourth Season – Blu-ray Edition

This is the last season of this excellent television series. Hurricane Katrina was devastating on the state of Louisiana. Especially so on the city of New Orleans. Treme deals with what happened in the city after the flooding and how they went about rebuilding. During this we learn about the people, culture, food, and music of this vibrant city. The characters in the show are very realistic, meaning that they go through the normal ups and downs as their lives have been drastically changed. New Orleans is shown to be a city in which robbery, murder, crime and other troubles increase dramatically after Katrina and suffers due to the local and national governments’ lack of adequate and timely response to the clean up. The lack of attention by the government is especially noticeable when it comes to areas largely inhabited by African Americans. Money grubbers surface as they see it as an opportunity to make money off the distress and vulnerability of the inhabitants.

Episode 1: Yes We Can Can: Batiste (played by Wendell Pierce) helps a student in trouble. Colson (played by David Morse) wants to be transferred to a different district.

Episode 2: This City: Violence that started on the streets finds its way into Batiste’s classroom. Lambreaux (played by Clarke Peters) takes Davina (played by Edwina Findley) on a tour of his old neighbourhood.

Episode 3: Dippermouth Blues: Davis (played by Steve Zahn) attempts to bring music back to Rampart St. Colson wants to reveal all he knows.

Episode 4: Sunset on Louisianne: Batiste gets some bad news in his music room. Annie (played by Lucia Micarelli) gives in to her manager.

Episode 5: To Miss New Orleans: Davis gets a real job. It is Mardis Gras and the residents celebrate in their own way.

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